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We are here to serve as a bridge between concept and design, allowing local jurisdictions to define the parameters of their housing development and pursue housing which fits the needs, character, and context of their communities. By taking control of the design process, jurisdictions can develop the community vision into project documents ready for competitive bid, resulting in a larger pool of contractors. This approach to housing development will lead to more economical projects which reflect our communities. Get to know our team and please give us a call to discuss your project concepts. Together, we can advance the quality of life for generations to come.


The statewide housing shortage in California has led to unprecedented efforts by State and local government to spur housing production. This push for housing development has resulted in significant changes in approach to housing production, with the State now enforcing housing element compliance much more strictly and issuing new requirements for streamlining housing approval. However, in many instances, jurisdictions lack the necessary staffing and in-house expertise to initiate and conceptualize housing developments that their communities need. This puts jurisdictions in challenging positions as they seek to encourage housing development in their communities but remain at the whim of housing developers to accomplish large-scale activities. This can result in projects which start with one vision and shift to another as the design progresses and developers prioritize changes to the project which ensure the developers’ bottom line but don’t always meet community goals. Or worse, RFPs for housing projects go unanswered.

After seeing this process play out consistently in the communities we serve, LACO is keenly aware of the challenges local jurisdictions face. We set out to find a solution that gives cities and counties the ability to take a leading role in housing development in their communities. We recognize that local jurisdictions do not typically develop housing, but we can help you develop and design housing projects that turn your community’s vision into reality. LACO’s team offers one of a kind service, doing it the way you want, and can partner with agency staff to help support projects wherever capacity or expertise are lacking internally, resulting in projects the Community and City or County leaders can be proud of.


  • Property Inventorying
  • Conceptual Design
  • CEQA Analysis and Compliance
  • Pro Forma and Market Analysis
  • Project Financing
    • Funding applications (grants & loans) – local, state, federal agencies & private foundations
    • Financial Proforma Analysis
    • NEPA Environmental Clearance – Federal Funding Requirement
  • Design Development
  • Cost Estimating
  • Construction Plans and Bid Documents
  • Bid Support

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Meet Our Team

Portrait of Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson, AICP

Mr. Michael Nelson has over 18 years of professional planning experience and currently serves as LACO Associates’ President. Mr. Nelson has extensive experience in project

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Portrait of Bruce Shimizu

Bruce Shimizu

Mr. Bruce Shimizu has over 30 years of experience in housing development in Northern California and Hawaii. He is an experienced land planner, site designer,

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Portrait of Kevin Doble, Regional Manager

Kevin Doble

Mr. Kevin Doble is the Director of Business Development for LACO Associates, and Ukiah Regional Manager. Additionally, he is a Senior Project Manager, Government Relations,

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Portrait of Byron Turner

Byron Turner

Mr. Turner brings over 20 years of experience as a Planner and Project Manager to LACO, and currently serves as LACO’s Deputy Director of Planning.

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Jordan Blough

Mr. Jordan Blough has worked as a professional consultant for the past five years, with a focus on economic development for the past three. Mr.

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