About LACO

Who is LACO?

LACO Associates “LAY – KO,” stands as a Native-owned, multi-disciplinary consulting firm dedicated to delivering a wide spectrum of services to our clients. From land surveying, civil engineering, and environmental planning to land use planning and grant writing, our expertise spans across various project types and complexities.

With a rich history dating back to our establishment in 1954, our commitment to local communities in California remains unwavering. Though our physical offices still reside in the northern regions of the state, we’ve embraced remote work and advanced technologies. This shift has broadened our reach, enabling us to connect and collaborate with skilled professionals nationwide. Our team now extends across the United States, with members offering remote services from various states, including Washington, Oregon, Texas, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Presently, we boast a dedicated staff of approximately 45 individuals, all working tirelessly to craft solutions that meet our clients’ diverse needs.

At LACO, our integrated teams bring together a diverse array of skill sets, allowing us to offer comprehensive value to our clients. Unlike single-service firms limited by their specific expertise, our in-house team of civil engineers, land surveyors, environmental and land use planners, and grant writers collaborates seamlessly, providing our clients with amplified support and resources with unparalleled ease.

We prioritize our clients’ success, working diligently to identify and implement tailored solutions across various project life cycles and geographical locations. Our goal remains steadfast: to provide exceptional service while fostering sustainable development and enhancing the quality of life for future generations. 

LACO History

LACO Associates, a prominent firm with offices in Northern California, was founded by Ilmars Lagzdins in 1954, with an aspiration to serve the extensive Northern California region. In due course, Lagzdins joined forces with Guy Conversano, and together, they incorporated the business in 1975, deriving the company name “LACO” from the first two letters of their respective last names. Despite significant growth, LACO Associates has managed to retain the responsiveness and personal touch of a smaller firm while effectively handling complex and sophisticated projects to meet client needs.

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