Michelle Ellena

Director of Human Resources/Business Manager

Michelle Ellena joined the LACO team in 2016 and since has grown with the company, serving as the Director of Human Resources as well as Business Manager. Ms. Ellena is experienced in managing projects, team development, and has contributed significantly to the enhancement of policies and procedures. Ms. Ellena acquired her SHRM Certification in 2020 and continues to provide guidance and leadership working in our Eureka office.

Team Member Spotlight

Hometown? Years in Profession?
“Born in Lakeport, grew up in Mckinleyville, around 15.”

How has LACO helped you in your career development?
“By encouraging learning and growth opportunities; providing support and having confidence in me.”

What are 3 words to describe LACO?
“Supportive, inclusive, welcoming.”

How do you define success?
“Being happy and content with what you are doing both professionally and personally.”

What professional/personal growth opportunities have you been able to accomplish while working at LACO?
“Becoming a SHRM Senior Certified Professional; being given the opportunity to expand my role with LACO.”

Why do you do what you do?
“I am naturally an introvert. This job takes me out of my shell and keeps me engaged.”

What is your favorite travel spot?
“Our family trips to New Port Beach have always been fun, but I really just love to travel.”

Favorite movie?
“It’s a Wonderful Life.”

What were you like as a 10-year-old?
“Awkward and shy.”

Least favorite food?

You are happiest when?
“I am relaxing and hanging out with family or friends.”

The best gift you got for yourself?
“My Honda Pilot.”

Biggest pet peeve?
“Unnecessarily long emails and whistling (I hate whistling).”

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