Wilderness Ranch, LLC Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

In August, 2006, Superior Land Preservation LLC retained LACO’s services to perform a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of a 560-acre ranch in Humboldt County, California, roughly 27 miles south east of Eureka. The project site was primarily used for residential and ranching purposes, although it was also zoned for timber production, agriculture, and agricultural grazing. The site was partially developed with six structures including residential houses, barns, and maintenance buildings.

Our Environmental team conducted this assessment within their proposed four week time schedule for a fixed fee. The team completed the project according to ASTM and United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) standards to identify potential risks caused by hazardous substances generated, used, or stored onsite. Our findings indicated that although there were typical ranching-related aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) containing propane, diesel, gasoline, waste oil drums, motor oil, and tractor oil located onsite, there was no evidence of spills or staining, and there were no indications of subsurface containment. Based on our findings, we concluded that there was a low risk of significant impact due to hazardous material use or storage at the site. We also recommended secondary containment measures for the ASTs, waste oil drums, and motor oils to prevent releases to soil or groundwater. As such, our team recommended no further action and deemed the site closed.

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