Ukiah Valley Sanitation District Inflow and Infiltration Reduction Engineering

Ukiah Valley Sanitation District retained LACO to provide engineering services for an inflow and infiltration reduction project with the District’s collection system adjacent to Doolan Creek in Ukiah, Mendocino County, California.

This District was experiencing significant inflow and infiltration within the collection system as a result of deteriorated joints and connections in both the collection lines and service laterals. Our engineering team reviewed and evaluated CCTV videos of the lines to determine the extent of the inflow and infiltration issues and to develop a project scope to reduce the issues within a predetermined project budget by the District.

The Professional Engineers assigned to the project team developed a trenchless repair program providing specifications and estimates to accomplish the following:

  • Clean and inspect 5,000 feet of collection lines
  • Clean and test 2,800 feet of service laterals
  • Install approximately 4,800 feet of Cured-In-Place Lining for 6” and 8” mains
  • Install 800 feet of Cured-In-Place lining for 4” service lateral
  • Install and/or replace 30 service lateral clean-outs
  • grout seal 40 vertical feet of manhole barrels

At the District Engineer’s request, we also provided supplementary services for bidding assistance and construction observation, recording, and construction management assistance.

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