Redwood Parks Eco Lodge Preliminary Design Report and Feasibility Study

Redwood Parks Lodge retained LACO to prepare a preliminary design report and conduct a feasibility study for the construction of a new lodging facility on their property just north of Orick, California.

Our project team of engineers, planners, surveyors, and geologists applied an innovative approach to assessing actual groundwater conditions to create new opportunities that were not evident from prior construction studies. We conducted preliminary site investigations, analyzing water use and sewer loads, addressing zoning concerns with the County, and creating preliminary site plans in collaboration with John Ash Group and Pacific Watershed Associates. This study and report also includes the following elements:

  • Geologic site characterization
  • Hydrogeologic assessment
  • Analysis of:
    • Water well condition and usage rights
    • Traffic ingress and egress analysis
    • stormwater drainage concepts and concerns
  • Groundwater monitoring to support onsite wastewater disposal
  • A presentation of wastewater treatment and disposal options including innovative sustainable alternatives
  • Preliminary review of easements, access, and right-of-way
  • Confirmation of flood plain and FEMA flood zones
  • Development of process, cost estimate and other required special studies, permits and capital improvements
  • Coordination with the following regulatory agencies: Humboldt County Planning, Department of Fish & Game, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Regional Water Quality Control Board, Redwood State and National Parks, Orick Community Services District, Cal Fire, and CalTrans

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