Redway Community Services District Emergency Creek Bank Stabilization

During a storm event in the winter of 2015, saturated ground conditions, high creek flows, and a fallen redwood tree resulted in the failure of a creek bank posing an imminent threat to the integrity of sewer utilities extending down a slope in Redway, CA. The exposed sewer main carried all the waste from Redway, requiring Redway Community Services District (Redway CSD) to ask customers to limit their use of sewer services so that the lift pumps could be shut off and the repair work could be completed.

LACO reviewed geologic maps, published and unpublished soils and geologic reports, and as-built plans pertinent to the project site prior to participating in a site visit with Redway CSD, contractors, regulatory agencies, and interested parties including elected officials. LACO provided geotechnical and engineering geologic services to evaluate site conditions, make recommendation regarding emergency stabilization measures, and complete an emergency creek bank stabilization to temporarily protect the threatened utilities until a more permanent solution could be constructed. Because of the emergency nature of the work, the Streambed Alteration Agreement generally required by Fish and Game Code section 1602 was waived.

With LACO’s assistance, Redway CSD was able to complete the repairs before any leakage or spill of sewage occurred.

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