PG&E Humboldt Bay Generating Station Construction Materials Testing and Inspection

LACO provided construction materials testing and Special Inspection services during site demolition and construction of a new natural gas fired 165 megawatt power plant located adjacent to Humboldt Bay.

We provided the following services:

  • Special Inspection and Field Testing of the following:
    • Approximately 2000 tons of structural reinforcing steel
    • Erection and high strength bolting of approximately 1000 tons of structural steel
    • Structural steel welding and mechanical piping welding
    • Structural masonry construction
    • Installation of approximately 5000 epoxy and mechanical anchors
    • Grout placement at approximately 1000 steel column baseplates
    • Seismic anchorage for electrical equipment and mechanical piping
  • Placement observation, sampling and testing of Observedapproximately 8000 yards of structural concrete
  • Density testing of trench backfill and site structural backfill
  • Geotechnical explorations and recommendations for as found site soil conditions 
  • Laboratory Testing and Analyses including the following:
    • Compression testing of concrete and grout field samples
    • Moisture/density curve analysis to facilitate field density testing
    • Sieve analysis of structural backfill materials
    • Characterization of structural backfill materials

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