PEP Housing Elevation

PEP Housing Sun House Senior Apartments

PEP Housing is a non-profit provider of affordable senior housing. In 2015, PEP Housing petitioned the City of Ukiah for General Plan and Zoning Amendments, a lot parcel merger, and a Precise Development Plan to construct a 42 unit affordable housing project on a 1.5 acre site. LACO provided site design, engineering, and permitting services in support of the proposed development.

LACO geologists, civil engineers, and planners worked together to identify project concerns early in the planning process. LACO provided code analysis to ensure compliance with local, county, and state ordinances and regulations (such as noise, grading, drainage, and parking requirements, building setbacks, and ADA accessibility). In addition, LACO coordinated a pre-application meeting with City of Ukiah Planning, Public Works, and Building Department representatives regarding permitting requirements and code compliance. Ultimately, the entitlement process involved general plan amendment, zone reclassification, precise development plan, parcel merger, design review, airport land use consistency determination, parking exception request, and a demolition permit.

LACO conducted a preliminary traffic analysis, geotechnical investigation, Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, boundary survey, topographic survey, and a preliminary drainage analysis. Working with the Client’s architect and landscape architect, LACO engineering staff worked to create a drainage plan that exceeded the City’s adopted Low Impact Development standards by incorporating rain gardens which increased on-site water retention by 38% (compared to the site’s pre-development condition). With a thorough understanding of the site and regulations affecting the subject project, LACO prepared a thorough application for submittal to City of Ukiah Planning Department. LACO completed our scope of work in five months. The project was unanimously approved by the City of Ukiah Planning Commission and Ukiah City Council in mid-2015.

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