Orrs Creek Bank Stabilization and Habitat Restoration Engineering, Geologic, Permitting, and Construction Support

The City of Ukiah retained LACO to lead a bank stabilization/habitat restoration project for a heavily eroded section of Orrs Creek through the Ukiah Municipal Golf Course in Mendocino County, CA. Orrs Creek has been identified as habitat for the endangered Coho salmon and is highly-valued by the community. The goal of the project was to secure permitting agency approval, complete construction prior to the onset of the 2009/2010 west season, and meet FEMA requirements for reimbursement.

The project consisted of the following phases:

  • A review of existing permit submittals and site conditions
  • Geologic and topographic mapping
  • Development of engineering design and preparation of construction documents
  • Navigating the regulatory process and providing supporting documents Securing the following permits: DFG 1600, USACE 404, and RWQCB 401
  • Providing bid review and construction observation services

At the outset of our engagement on this project, we identified that the existing permitting submittals would not address agency requirements for CEQA exemption under habitat restoration. Our design team provided supplemental design documents which incorporated native plants and wood structures while also meeting engineering requirements. As in-stream construction season deadlines passed due to extended agency response time, LACO successfully negotiated a wet season extension with the Department of Fish and Game, US Army Core of Engineers, and the Regional Water Quality Control Board which allowed the project to be completed in Fall 2009.

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