Lost Coast Brewery Production and Administrative Facility

In 2010, the Lost Coast Brewery petitioned the City of Eureka for General Plan and Zoning Amendments and a Conditional Use Permit to expand operations and improve the operational capacity and production efficiency of the brewery’s business. LACO provided building design, site planning, engineering, and permitting services to support the brewery expansion and relocation. 

LACO geologists and structural and civil engineers added value to the project by identifying project concerns early in the planning process. LACO provided building design services including a planning charrette, development of schematic designs, and code analysis to ensure compliance with local, county, and state ordinances and regulations (such as building setbacks, ADA accessibility, noise requirements, fire codes, and parking requirements). In addition, LACO coordinated a pre-application meeting with City of eureka Planning, Public Works, and Building Department representatives regarding permitting requirements and code compliance. LACO also prepared a Design Review Application including the color site plan, building elevations, floor plans, preliminary sections of the proposed buildings, and a landscape plan for review by the City of Eureka Planning Department and Design Review Committee. 

LACO provided preliminary civil engineering, conducted a geotechnical investigation, prepared final design drawings (including the site plan, floor plans, elevations, and sectional drawings), prepared an Opinion of Probable Construction Costs, completed 75% and 100% Engineering (civil, structural, mechanical/plumbing, and electrical) and prepared design and construction documents including Title 24 Energy calculations and construction Improvement Plans necessary to permit the project and support bidding for construction. 

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