Homan Major Subdivision Map, CEQA Compliance, and Special Studies

LACO’s project team provided a variety of land development consulting services for this proposed 9-parcel residential Major Subdivision project in Trinidad, Humboldt County, California. We began the project with the preparation of a Development Feasibility Analysis for the 18-acre project area. This property is located north of Trinidad across from College Cove State Beach. The Development Feasibility Analysis summarized the numerous site constrains and coastal resources in order to produce an ideal plan with the minimal impact while achieving the goals of the client and regulatory agencies.  

Our project team performed an in-depth analysis to determine all constraints from creek, wetlands, biological resources, water resources, slopes, coastal zone, potential fault hazards, and onsite septic suitability.

As principal consultant, we worked with Pacific Watershed Associates for septic suitability and Winzler & Kelly for biology and wetlands. LACO provided the following services: 

  • Project Management and Public Hearing Support
  • Additional Survey and Major Subdivision Map
  • Water Resources and Hydrology Study
  • Fault Hazard Investigation
  • Preliminary Drainage Plan
  • CEQA Compliance (IS/MND)

Our innovative approach to addressing site constraints and regulatory concerns has cleared nine parcels as suitable for development as provided by current County Zoning and General Plan designation. 

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