Garberville Sanitary District Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction Testing and Inspection Services

LACO provided special inspection, field sampling and testing, and laboratory testing and analysis for improvements to an existing wastewater treatment facility in Garberville, Humboldt County, CA. Improvements included the construction of a new wastewater-holding pond, installation of several thousand lineal-feet of pipeline, and the construction of a new operations building. We provided the following services: 

  • Special Inspection and Field Testing
    • Observation during site excavation and structural backfill operations
    • Density testing of trench backfill through public right-of-ways and site structural fill
    • Sampling and testing of concrete reinforcing steel
    • Concrete placement observation and testing
    • Special Inspection of structural steel field welding
    • Non destructive testing of structural steel field welding
  • Laboratory Testing and Analysis
    • Concrete mix design review and verification
    • Compression testing of concrete field samples
    • Moisture/density curve analysis to facilitate field density testing
    • Sieve analysis of structural backfill materials
    • Characterization of structural backfill materials

LACO also provided Construction Management and Resident Engineering services for a prior GSD Collection System Improvement project. Conditions within the Highway 101 CalTrans right-of-way created challenges for the construction team. These challenges required rigorous coordination and resolution of issues to maintain safe travel through this vital corridor. LACO staff coordinated design changes with CalTrans and helped realize completion of the project on schedule. LACO also performed pay request reviews, review of change orders, and provided recommendations during the course of construction. 

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