CSSC: Caspar Slope Repair, Planning, Engineering, and Geology Services

Caspar South Service Company retained LACO to address a coastal bluff failure in Caspar, Mendocino County, California which was caused by flooding during a 1998 El Nino storm event.

Our team of Planners, Professional Geologists, and Professional Engineers prepared design plans to repair the bluff edge to pre-failure condition and completed the required Coastal Use Permit (CUP) for the repair construction. The design satisfied the concerns of two affected parties and removed the threat of costly litigation. As a result of our project team’s efforts, the slope failure was repaired prior to the oncoming winter wet season, minimizing health and safety risks to nearby residents, protecting nearby residential structures from potential damage, and reducing threats to a sewer main located 6 feet from the eroded edge threatening a raw sewage spill into the ocean.

The final repair design included a Geoweb cellular confinement system and reinforced earth composite wall with approximately 800 cubic yards of engineered fill. The slope face was revegetated with native plants, an interceptor drain directs captured groundwater to a safe discharge location, and a drainage swale at the top surface of the bluff directs surface water runoff to a swale of crushed aggregate contained by outer Geoweb cells. County Planning staff found that the proposed project would not result in significant environmental impacts, adopted a Negative Declaration, and recommended that the Planning Commission approve the CUP.

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