Burn scar area of 2017 Mendocino County fires.

County of Mendocino Fire Recovery

In October 2017, Redwood Valley California was engulfed by wildfire. The devastation was immense and this natural disaster hit close to home for LACO Associates. After flames had gone and residents were authorized to return, we began working with the County of Mendocino in fire recovery efforts. Our team provided analysis of properties damaged and affected by the fires. Through FEMA grant funding the County of Mendocino was able to reach out to home and property owners with the help of GIS Analysis, field data, and risk analysis were provided.

Values at Risk, (VARs) from the CalFire Watershed Emergency Response Team (WERT) report for the Redwood Fire were screened for high to moderate risk to life and those which affected emergency access. Working with FEMA and CalOES, a site visit was performed for selected VARs and data was collected to inform both Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, (HMGP) applications. Typical projects include both repair and replacement of private drainage infrastructure and bridges on public traveled private roads. Funding requests totaled on the order of $200,000. We used GIS to analyze the VARs, mobile field data collection of geospatial information, and prepare the HMGP grant applications.

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