Main Street in Willits

City of Willits Street Rehabilitation Project

The City of Willits retained LACO to provide Civil Engineering services related to improving to distribution and collection systems of the City’s water and wastewater systems.  LACO assisted with City during a transitional time in which the Willits Bypass was being constructed and brought into service, a project that was decades in the making.  

LACO provided the following services:

  1. Served as Engineer-of-Record to review improvement plans for water and wastewater maintenance projects, and street improvement projects involving grading, drainage and utility coordination;
  2. Consulted on general public works and engineering projects, as well as project and construction management;
  3. Assisted with project planning, scheduling and budgeting;
  4. Provided ongoing support and oversight of engineering staff and department supervisors;
  5. Attended project planning meetings and meetings with regulatory agencies as requested by the City; and
  6. Reviewed, approved and stamped technical reports related to water and wastewater regulatory permits.

As the former Public Works Director for the City of Willits, LACO’s Vice President of Engineering Rod Wilburn, P.E., has a unique understanding of the City’s departments, processes, and budgets. 

With LACO’s support, the City replaced approximately 5,800 feet of existing 2-inch domestic water line to rectify a severe water system leak issue. Installation of five air release valves, sever wharf hydrants, and eight valves were also installed. Additionally, approximately 40 residential connections were upgraded with new 3/4–inch to 1-inch polyethylene pipe laterals. 

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