City of Shasta Lake and Wintu Tribe Native American Cultural Resource Center Tenant Improvement Architectural Design

LACO has a unique team of professionals whose skills are specifically osuited for the design and development of cultural centers, community centers, and museums. Our most recent project focuses on the Phase 2 tenant improvements required to bring community attention to the history and culture of the Wintu Tribe (Tribe) of Northern California. This 6,000-square foot facility will honor the cultural heritage of the Wintu people and continue a long history of cooperation and community prosperity that exists between the City of Shasta Lake and the Wintu Tribe.

The project team, inspired by the Tribe, designed and programmed the Native American Cultural Resource Center to provide a comprehensive immersion into the Wintu culture. In addition to the Museum, which is the center piece of the facility, the following elements are also included:

  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Multi-Use Facility
  • Museum Archival and Storage Facilities
  • Library and Resource Room
  • Media Room
  • Museum and Cultural Center reception and administrative offices

LACO has played a key role in the project from the early phases. Our Project Manager worked closely with the Tribal Council to interview and select the project Architect and then continued to work with the Council and Architect to assemble the professional team. LACO provided the following professional services:

  • Programming and Conceptual Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Museum Management Plan, Curation, and Tribal Displays
  • Design Development
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural Engineering
  • Construction Documents and Specifications
  • Assistance with project bidding and construction

Working closely with our professional team, the project stakeholders have created a museum design that honors the history of the Wintu with many image and media exhibits that are immersed in traditional tribal displays. An interactive childrens’ area as well as a gift shop for visitors who want to take some of their experiences with them is also included. 

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