Big Lagoon Park Company Fire Flow Capacity Engineering

The Big Lagoon Park Company (BLPC) Water System was not providing sufficient fire flow capacity due to multiple undersized pipes in its distribution system for this small community located in humboldt County, CA. BLPC retained LACO to prepare a hydraulic model of their system, to assess the current fire flow capacity, and to make recommendations for main line replacements, all in an effort to maximize the amount of water available for fire suppression.

Our engineering team prepared a full system hydraulic model using EPANet. The model incorporated domestic demand under maximum day conditions and used this information to develop anticipated hydrant capacity for each hydrant in the system. We used the results of the initial assessment to accomplish the following:

  • Prioritize areas needing increased flow capacity
  • Locate new hydrants
  • Establish a basis for prioritized mainline replacements to increase the overall flow capacity within the distribution system

The engineering team’s proposed solution consisted of  the following:

  • A new looped pipeline traveling through the center of the Park and around the perimeter of the system
  • An upsized pipe from the source water facility to the distribution system 

The end result was a preliminary plan for new infrastructure significantly increasing the system’s capacity to provide water for fire protection. We provided BLPC with our model of their system for their own use in maintaining system mapping and capital improvement planning.

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