Portrait of Evan Trumper, Land Surveyor in Training

Evan Trumper

Associate Surveyor

Mr. Evan Trumper earned an A.S. Degree from Santa Rosa Junior College majoring in Land Surveying and has an L.S.I.T. (Land Surveyor In Training) certification. His 6 years of experience has been in the Mendocino and Lake Counties areas working for locally owned firms. His experience includes private boundary surveys, topographic mapping, elevation certificates, and construction staking.

When not surveying, Mr. Trumper was a commercial diver spending hours a day underwater harvesting sear urchins from the rocky seafloor along the northern California coastline. He also made trips to Ketchikan, Alaska, to harvest sea urchins. These sea urchins are primarily a Japanese delicacy, but there is also a large domestic market in the Bay-Area sushi restaurants.

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