Yurok Tribe Bald Hills Road Engineering Design, NEPA Documentation, Geotechnical Engineering, and Survey

The Yurok Tribe (Tribe) issued a Task Order under our On-Call Engineering Services contract for  a High Priority Roadway Rehabilitation project that involved 3.1 miles of rural mountain roadway in Humboldt County, CA. The project was eligible for Indian Reservation Roads (IRR) federal funding. However, in order to qualify for IRR High Priority Project Funds, 100% PS&E had to be submitted to BIA, DOT, and FHWA by December 31, 2009.

In preparing for accepting the project challenge, we assembled a project team of professionals who had specific accomplishments in roadway engineering, design, and project management. The team developed a project fulfillment strategy to address the compressed schedule, and met with key agency staff to gain their commitment to the schedule and their project roles. On November 9, 2009, we received Notice to Proceed and immediately mobilized the Survey and Geotechnical elements of the project.

Throughout the remainder of the project, our project team communicated daily with the client and agency staff to address all aspects of the project fulfillment plan. At the conclusion of each week, we submitted an updated project plan and schedule to all parties. Our team’s accomplishments and rigorous project management practices resulted in the delivery 100% PS&E to review agencies on December 21, 2009, ten days prior to the Tribe’s application deadline.

Our project team produced the following deliverables associated with this project:

  • Determination and preparation of Categorical Exclusion (CatEx) pursuant to NEPA guidelines
  • Topographic survey, control and mapping
  • Geohazard explorations and recommendations
  • Roadway design and engineering
  • Assessment of quantities and preparation of Engineer’s Estimate of Probable Construction Costs

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