Trinidad Harbor Public Restrooms and Seascape Restaurant Sewage Disposal and Treatment Project

The Trinidad Rancheria retained LACO to provide construction management services for the completion of a public restroom facility and warehouse for harbor operations and a new on-site sewage treatment and disposal system.

After a construction delay due to unforeseen site conditions, our engineering team redesigned the project and was able to get back on schedule and completed within the allowable budget. We conducted weekly meetings between the Tribe, project manager, City of Trinidad, and contractor to ensure the project was completed to the satisfaction of the Tribe and the City’s regulations. Upon completion, our team delivered structural as-built’s to the City as required for them to issue a final on the construction permit for the new warehouse and restroom structure.

We managed strict runoff and dewatering requirements due to the endangered habitat in the Trinidad Bay. All construction was in the jurisdiction of the California Coastal Commission.

Due to the strict documentation requirements for this federally funded project, our team used AEC-Sync for documentation management to quickly communicate field reports, requests for information (RFIs), submittals, schedules, meeting minutes, and plan revisions between our project team members, contractor, and client. AEC-Sync provided a central location for all project documentation, minimizing time spent on inter-agency communication.

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