Smith River Rancheria Dat-Naa-Svt Subdivision: Civil Engineering, Geotechnical, and Surveying Services

LACO provided survey, geotechnical, and civil engineering services for a 21-lot subdivision development located in Smith River, Del Norte County, California. The project considered a small amount of existing infrastructure and two residences that were incorporated into the design and engineering. The site was adjacent to and sloped toward a State Highway, which required specific attention to drainage mitigation into the existing highway right of way. The client requested that LACO complete the project survey, geotechnical, and 90% design and engineering documents within 34 calendar days.

We addressed the project challenges by assembling a team of professionals with specific accomplishments in subdivision engineering and design, including one of our firm’s top project managers to achieve the accelerated project schedule. The team immediately developed a project fulfillment strategy and schedule, met with key staff, and established clear roles in the project. We mobilized our survey and geotechnical field staff directly after project kick-off, and our project team communicated daily with client and agency staff. LACO’s project team delivered 90% plans as committed, which was essential for our client to hold their development schedule and promise of housing to their community members.The project scope included preliminary design and location of a wastewater lift station to serve the 21 lots. During the course of design, and outside the project scope but within the same budget, LACO prepared a conceptual layout of home sites on two adjacent parcels owned by the Tribe. This conceptual layout produced added value for the Tribe by developing the concepts for future development and assessing loading and optimal location for the lift station to serve the 21 and future lots.Our deliverables associated with the project included:

  • Topographic survey, control, and mapping
  • Geohazard explorations and recommendations
  • Subdivision Civil Design and Engineering supporting site, grading, utility, and roadway improvements
  • Erosion Control Plans and SWPPP

“LACO exceeded our expectations in a numbers of ways. They provided weekly schedule updates so our team always knew the status of the project, and their technical staff was in constant contact with our team to ensure project deliverables would meet our needs… It was evident in reviewing their plans that they took the time to understand the concerns we had for our project. Lastly, they delivered the plans and specifications on the day specified in the original contract and delivered on budget which was critical to project funding and housing for our tribal members”

-Malcolm Champlain
Housing Project Manager
Smith River Rancheria

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