Johnson Quarry

Mendocino County SMARA Inspections

In relation to annual compliance requirements of the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 (SMARA) and local mining ordinances, LACO provided a range of services for the County of Mendocino. Mining inspections were completed within six months following the receipt of the annual report, and we performed services for 33 regulated mining/quarry sites within the county. We inspected each mine in accordance with the State Mining and Geology Board Surface Mine Inspection Guide (Guide), including contacting the mine operators to schedule compliance inspections with the Conditional Use Permit, CEQA mitigation measures, and Reclamation Plan. We notified the County each time. We conducted follow-up inspections of deficiencies inspections and identified violations noted on inspection reports. LACO completed form MRRC-1 in accordance with Section 3 of the Guide. Other items contained within the report included problem areas and issues of potential variance from the conditions of the use permit for the mining operation. When problem areas were identified (such as in cases of accelerated erosion), steps for correcting the problem were suggested and included in the report. Draft inspection reports were completed within 30 days following individual mine inspections. LACO submitted draft inspection reports for the County of Mendocino to review and provided final drafts.

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