McKinleyville Middle School Modernization Materials Testing and Special Inspection

LACO performed construction materials testing and special inspection services for the McKinleyville Middle School modernization project under the jurisdiction of DSA in McKinleyville, Humboldt County, CA. The construction schedule was limited to the summer break, and we provided lab services with minimal advance notice. Keys to the success of this project included proactive communication between our project team, the design team, contractor, and client representative, as well as active communication and coordination with onsite DSA Project Inspector. We provided the following services:

  • Special Inspection and Field Testing
    • Sampling and testing of structural concrete
    • Special Inspection of batch plant operations
    • Special Inspection of structural steel welding
    • Tension testing of post-installed epoxy anchors
    • Density testing of trench backfill and site structural backfill
  • Laboratory Testing and Analysis
    • Compression testing of concrete and grout field samples
    • Moisture/density curve analysis to facilitate field density testing
    • Sieve analysis of structural backfill materials
    • Characterization of structural backfill materials

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