K’ima:w Medical Center Hoopa Valley Tribe Elder Center Conceptual Design, Cost Estimates, and Grant Application

The K’ima:w Medical Center Board of Directors engaged LACO to prepare conceptual plans and cost estimates for a new Elders and Community Center in Humboldt County, CA. The proposed Hupa Elders and Community Center will be approximately 5,900 square feet in size and will replace a 1,300 square foot facility that is a converted house built in the 1920’s that is structurally deficient and does not meet the requirements of the Americans with Disability Act.

LACO designed the new facility to expand the current senior programs and to include a new multipurpose community center that includes a culturally appropriate building that the Tribe will use  as a multigenerational center and architectural elements that are based on the Xonta, the traditional communal dwelling of the Hupa people.

Through a community charette with elders, our project team completed floor plans, site plans elevations, and cost estimates for a new facility. The new facility includes the following features:

  • ADA compliant building allowing for senior mobility
  • Commercial kitchen including a walk-in freezer for the long-term storage of culturally appropriate food
  • A partitioned multi-purpose room that will allow for training, community events, senior activities and educational conferences
  • A private health care room that allows for expanded medical screening programs, An expansion area that will allow for addressing future elderly needs (baby boomers)
  • Sustainable and green design elements including passive solar, rain gardens, and permeable paving
  • National Green Building Certification as “Bronze”

In addition to the preparation of the conceptual design and estimates of probable cost, we also prepared a grant application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for funding under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for the K’ima:w Medical Center Board of Directors.

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