Jordan Creek Stream Rehabilitation Planning, Permitting, Surveying, Geotechnical, and Engineering

LACO coordinated and met guidelines from the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG), National Marine Fisheries Service, and the Army Corps of Engineers to rehabilitate the Jordan Creek Stream crossing at a road crossing. This project involved planning, permitting and design to remove an existing concrete box culvert, which created a significant salmonoid migration barrier, and replaced it with a bottomless aluminum arched culvert.

Our project team provided the following services:

  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Hydrologic and critical Hydraulic analysis
  • Topographic surveying
  • Engineering design
  • CEQA compliance
  • Preparation of construction contract documents
  • Bidding assistance
  • Periodic project observation during construction

This project is an example of the application of our integrated solutions approach. We utilized our planning, permitting, surveying, geotechnical, and engineering design teams to solve our client’s project concerns while also considering sensitive environmental and ecological concerns. Our team analyzed existing stream conditions to design a re-graded stream bed that allowed endangered salmonoid species to reach upstream spawning grounds, and provided protection for fingerlings with stream velocity controls.

“Just a bit of evidence that these culvert replacements can have an immediate benefit to the fish…….numerous, large cutthroat over 24” in length (and possibly steelhead) are in Jordan Creek above Parkway Drive…. The fish are now stacked-up at the NEXT culvert, on the Ferguson dairy, a site that is funded for replacement this coming summer.”

-Ross Taylor
Fisheries/Biologist Consultant

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