Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District Water Storage Improvements Feasibility, Engineering Design, and Construction Administration

The Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District (HVPUD) was facing a number of challenges with their water storage and distribution systems for their community in Humboldt County, CA. Their water storage facilities were deteriorating, insufficient, and poorly located. There was inadequate water pressure in several zones. HVPUD’S customers experienced poor water quality due to insufficient disinfection contact time and unreliable access. The system did not have the capacity to serve any new developments. HVPUD was operating outdated pumping and control equipment, and their facilities lacked system redundancy.

When HVPUD retained LACO to conduct a feasibility analysis for their systems, our project team immediately evaluated their existing facilities, including redwood storage facilities and sites, and their surface water treatment plant for compliance with Long Term Surface Water Treatment Requirements. The team also prepared a hydraulic model of the water system to support the evaluation and consideration of alternatives. 

To address needed water storage capacity and infrastructure improvements, our team evaluated alternative storage sites for construction suitability and ownership, and recommended sites to the HVPUD. The team also designed the following:

  • Nine (9) new steel storage tanks including site preparation and grading; site development with access roads, retaining walls, and drainage; yard piping, valving, ladders, and accessories
  • Three (3) new booster pump stations to serve newly sited storage facilities including new pumps and motors; valving for flow control and pressure management; remote telemetry and instrumentation; and building structural improvements
  • Approximately 4,000 lineal feet of new water pipeline with valving for pressure control and isolation
  • New disinfection contact time tank at existing treatment plant to meet current surface water treatment requirements

Our project team’s timely response to changing needs for information, and regular project update communications enabled the project to stay on track with HVPUD’s goals. We identified appropriate modifications to their system to improve operation, and verified efficacy of the existing surface water treatment plant to meet current regulations. Our team maximized funding eligibility by preparing designs that met the intent of public funding requirements. 

HVPUD retained LACO to manage bidding and oversee construction. Following successful bid negotiation, LACO is currently supporting the District through the construction phase by providing construction survey and staking; geotechnical support; material testing and inspection; and construction observation and administration. Our construction administration team processes contractor requests, deliverables, and pay requests, and provides budget tracking and routine District updates. When this project is complete, HVPUD will have water storage facilities that are reliable, have the capacity to serve new customers, and have an improved level of service for existing customers.

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