Hidden Creek Apartments Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Geotechnical Exploration

Hidden Creek Apartment Investors, LLC retained LACO to conduct both a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and a preliminary geotechnical evaluation for an undeveloped 5.3 acre parcel. The site was proposed to be developed with ten new two-story apartment buildings, a community building, and a garage in Crescent City, Del Norte County, California.

Our Environmental team completed the Phase I ESA for a fixed fee within one month of the proposed project start date. This project was completed according to ASTM and United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) standards for the purpose of identifying potential environmental impacts that would negatively effect the proposed development. The team conducted a thorough meander survey of the site and surrounding area, records and file reviews, interviews, and research of publicly available records. Our investigation found no evidence of Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC)s in connection with the site, and that there was no evidence of offsite impacts related to improper use or storage of hazardous materials. As such, our team recommended no further action and deemed the site closed.

Our Professional Geologists conducted a preliminary geotechnical exploration that was alsocompleted for a fixed fee within months of the project start date. The team conducted a field and laboratory exploration to assess site soil-profile and subsurface conditions. Our findings indicated  that the project was feasible as proposed; site soils were suitable for the construction of the proposed two-story apartment buildings.

Due to our findings, Hidden Creek Apartment Investors, LLC was able to pursue their development project. After the site was cleared and graded, the development firm retained us to conduct a Phase I update, review foundation plans for compliance with geotechnical recommendations, and materials testing and inspection for the construction phase of the project. Our client was able to move forward with their project on schedule and within budget as a result of our efforts.

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