Geysers Road Landslide Mitigation

LACO designed a system to improve the stability of an active landslide at 8800 Geysers Road in Sonoma County, California. LACO previously performed a geotechnical exploration of the landslide area and presented the results in a report dated June 1, 2016. During a June 8, 2016 meeting with the client, it was agreed that the landslide stabilization approach would consist of installing a series of micropiles to improve stability of the landslide mass, a mechanically stabilized earth wall to improve the stability of the landslide face, a deep subsurface (French) drain on the inboard side of the landslide to reduce hydrostatic pressures acting on it, and installing and monitoring inclinometers/piezometers to confirm the configuration of the landslide and monitor the effectiveness of landslide stabilization efforts.

LACO’s scope of work included the following tasks:

  • Planning/Project Management
  • Inclinometer/Piezometer Installation
  • Geotechnical Design
  • Conceptual Design
  • Final Design
  • Monitoring and Reporting

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