Former South Broadway Rocket Remediation

W.N. Tetrault Company retained LACO to delineate, monitor and remediate impacts to soil and groundwater originating from the underground storage tanks removed from the site in 1998.

Our expert drilling staff and geologists installed soil borings to examine the site’s stratigraphy and delineate the lateral and vertical extent of the impacts to groundwater onsite. Next, our team installed monitoring wells to monitor the impacts to groundwater. We used the data collected to create a hydrogeologic model as a foundation for addressing the fate and transport of impacts to groundwater.

The results of these studies led to the design of a remediation system incorporating both dual-phase extraction (HVDPE) and air sparging technologies. We utilized this system to effectively remove over 75% of the impacts at the site in roughly three months, and actively address the removal of the remaining impacts.

Throughout these investigations, monitoring, and remediation events, LACO’s staff drove the project forward through active communication with the local regulatory agency, Humboldt County Division of Environmental Health (HCDEH) and the City of Eureka. This was a privately funded pay-for-performance project, and overall project costs exceeded $750,000.

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