Former Georgia Pacific Mill Site Survey and Drilling Services

Arcadis retained LACO to perform survey and drilling services for the Fort Bragg Mill Site project, in Fort Bragg, Mendocino County, California. Our project team has developed an understanding of the unique nature of the property and its value to the community of Fort Bragg. We participated in the redevelopment efforts including investigation and remediation of environmental contamination and developing a series of legal descriptions and exhibits, along with a Record of Survey, for transfer of property to the City.

Our survey team conducted a boundary survey to delineate and quantify the fee transfer of approximately 100 acres from Georgia Pacific, LLC to the City of Fort Bragg for a Coastal Hiking Trail and associated parkland along the Mendocino Headlands in Fort Bragg, California. LACO coordinated with Title Agents, Georgia Pacific Attorneys, and City of Fort Bragg staff, prepared legal descriptions, and prepared boundary exhibits of the newly created trail parcels. Field crews set monuments and the project team filed a Record of Survey. Since beginning the project in 2008, our survey team has completed numerous topographic surveys for excavation and remediation areas.

LACO’s drilling crew conducted extensive drilling work at the site. Since the project began in October 2008, our team has accomplished the following:

  • 97 total days onsite from October 2008 through December 2009
  • 250 soil borings installed, half of which included water grab samples
  • 56 soil vapor borings installed
  • 25 monitoring wells installed
  • 1 monitoring well destroyed
  • 12 monitoring wells redeveloped
  • 25 monitoring wells developed
  • 3 well boxes repaired

Our survey team surveyed the newly installed monitoring wells to the GeoTracker standards set by the State Water Resources Control Board.

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