Crescent City Wastewater Pollution Control Facility Materials Testing and Special Inspection

LACO provided special inspection, field sampling and testing, and laboratory testing and analysis for the construction of a new waste water treatment facility completed in 2010.

We provided the following services:

  • Special inspection and field testing
    • Field sampling and testing of structural concrete
    • Fulltime batch plant inspection during concrete batching operations
    • Field sampling and testing of mortar and grout during masonry construction
    • Sampling of high strength grout placement at equipment bases
    • Special Inspection of structural steel welding in shop and field
    • Non destructive testing of shop welding fabrication
    • Thickness testing of structural steel coatings
    • Density testing of trench backfill and site structural backfill
  • Laboratory testing and analysis
    • Compression testing of concrete and grout field samples
    • Moisture/density curve analysis to facilitate field density testing
    • Testing of concrete aggregates
    • Sieve analysis of structural backfill materials
    • Characterization of structural backfill materials

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