College of the Redwoods Wastewater System Improvements

LACO provided engineering and consulting services for a variety of analyses and improvements to the wastewater collection system at College of the Redwoods (CR) Eureka campus located in Humboldt County, California. Ultimately, these studies will enable CR to greatly reduce the permitting and maintenance costs for their current wastewater treatment plant, and eliminate discharge into Humboldt Bay.

In 2006, our project team conducted an Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) study to asses wastewater flow magnitudes and identify sources of inflow and infiltration as required by the reapplication for the wastewater treatment plant permit. After installing and monitoring flow meters and conducting smoke testing throughout the two miles of CR’s sewer system, we reported a concise list of recommendations to mitigate identified inflows and infiltration to the system.

CR again retained LACO to conduct a Video Camera Sewer Assessment in 2007. This investigation enabled us to create a clear list of actionable tasks for the repair of the sewer system. We provided CR with a priority list of repairs based on reducing the most I/I for the least cost, and designed repair solutions utilizing Insituform pipe lining rehabilitation technologies. CR has begun the process to implement the construction phase of the recommended repairs and improvements.

These two investigations and subsequent reports have enabled CR to pursue a feasibility study to identify issues with tying CR’s sewer system to the Humboldt Community Services District system for treatment. LACO has completed this feasibility study and presented CR with a report detailing three alternatives for the proposed intertie.

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