City of Fort Bragg On-Call Municipal Engineering Services

The City of Fort Bragg has an ongoing contract with LACO to provide on-call civil engineering support to the City of fort Bragg Department of Public Works (DPW). Under this contract, LACO provides the following services: 

Plan review for private and commercial development; 
Development of construction plans, maps, and exhibits for drainage improvements; 
Design recommendations; 
Planning support; 
Civil engineering design; 
Development of flood control criteria; and 
Other services as requested. 

Summary descriptions of projects completed under this contract are provided below: 

Laurel and Harris Street Curb Replacement ― An existing business was experiencing frequent flooding during infrequent rainfall events caused by years of pavement overlays that had the effect of essentially eliminating the existing street gutters. LACO developed plans to remove and reconfigure the existing curb, gutter, and sidewalk and the subsequent construction eliminated the flooding problem. 

Coastal Train Monument Sign ― On very short notice, LACO’s structural engineer designed sign posts for a specialty monument at the entrance to the City’s Coastal Trail Project. The 18’ wide by 4’ tall and 3” thick redwood sign was founded on 2-two-foot tall concrete footings and located at the parking lot entrance near West Elm Street and Glass Beach Drive. 

Flood Control Criteria ― LACO was asked to develop design criteria for infiltration trenches. The purpose of the design criteria document was to specify size and configuration requirements for the construction of infiltration trenches in cases where the Public Works Director has determined that storm water cannot be conveyed to the City’s existing storm drainage system. The criteria included a table with percolation rates for each hydrologic soils group, a table containing recommended drain rock gradation, a table containing the intensity-duration-discharge relationship, and an example calculation showing how to specify an infiltration trench in Fort Bragg for a 10- year, 30-minute peak discharge rainfall event. 

Lincoln Street Drainage Analysis and Alternatives Development ― The purpose of this project was to provide the City with a recommended alternative for mitigating flooding to three existing homes adjacent to the Mormon Church. The recommended alternative involved abandoning existing, undersized storm drains and establishing a drainage easement on church property north of the existing parking lot. A new earthen drainage channel with gabion drop structures was designed inside the proposed easement that would drain to a new detention basin with a new outlet structure. LACO prepared plans and a technical memorandum containing the preferred alternative and facilitated a meeting at the site between the City and officials from the Mormon Church. Negotiations between the City and the church are currently underway. 

New Taco Bell Improvement Plan Review ― LACO reviewed and made comments and recommendations to improvement plans and a geotechnical report. 

PG&E Encroachment Permit Review ― LACO reviewed twenty permit applications submitted by PG&E to replace existing power poles within the City right-of-way. For each permit application, LACO identified the proposed work and provided City requirements. City requirements included maintaining alley access, addressing ADA requirements on sidewalks, and maintaining existing drainage patterns. 

Colombi Alley Drainage Improvements ― LACO developed plans, specifications and estimates for drainage improvements on Colombi Alley between Madrone Street and Oak Street. The improvements included designing a new infiltration trench, drainage inlet, and new pavement. The infiltration trench was designed to capture the volume of rain water generated during the 50-year, 30-minute peak discharge rainfall event per the criteria developed as part of the Flood Control Criteria project described on the previous page. The Columbi Alley project is currently out for bid.

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