City of Eureka Municipal Service Review

In 2013, the City of Eureka retained LACO to update and complete a partial draft Municipal Services Review (MSR) that had been started in 2010. LACO updated demographic and other data to account for changes in population and new information such as the results of the 2010 US Census. LACO surveyed city staff from various departments regarding service capabilities and limiations, ongoing and anticipated capital improvements, and opportunities for increased efficiency. The MSR we prepared was the second in Humboldt County to address new reqirements to identify service needs of disadvantaged unincoporated communities within and adjacent to the City Sphere of Influence.

LACO facilitated a series of meetings between the City staff and the staff of the adjacent Humboldt Community Services District (HCSD). The City and HCSD operate water and wastewater systems with several interconnections. HCSD purchases a substantial poriton of its domestic water from the City and the City provides wastwater treatment for both agencies. The joint meetings helped the two agencies to reach agreement regarding future service responsibilities for adjacent neighborhoods and in District served territory which may be annexed by the City. LACO’s familiarity with the goals and responsibilities of both agencies, and our understanding of LAFCo policy and practice provided helpful context as the agencies considered available options.

Humboldt County LAFCo approved the updated MSR on January 15, 2014. The MSR currently provides a basis for evaluations of Sphere of Influence amendments and annexations that are being considered as components of the City’s ongoing General Plan Update process.

The adopted MSR is available for review here.

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