Clearlake drainage pipe

City of Clearlake Drainage and Stormwater Survey

The City of Clearlake retained LACO Associates to develop mapping and an inventory of the City of Clearlake stream network and storm drainage system using Community Development Block Grant funding. LACO conducted interviews with City staff, reviewed existing documents, and developed a strategy for sequencing field activities based on existing tributary areas. LACO subsequently conducted a field inventory to locate and GPS tag culverts, pipes, natural and manmade channels, drain inlet structures, storm sewer manholes, retention and detention basins, and other pertinent drainage features. LACO completed mapping of all 13 discrete tributary areas within the City of Clearlake over approximately 291 man-hours and tagged 1,141 drainage features; this data was then post-processed, plotted using ArcGIS and provided to the City of Clearlake as a geodatabase that was compatible with both City of Clearlake and County of Lake mapping systems. This processing included ensuring both the category of feature and construction material were included in the dataset, helping the City to prioritize future infrastructure improvement projects

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