Angelica Creek Bank Failure Repair – Hopland Band of Pomo Indians

Starting from the conceptual phase, our team addressed reparation of a failing section of stream bank along Angelica Creek, a tributary to the Russian River in Hopland, California. We conducted and produced topographic surveying and soil investigation, leading to the design phase. Our team also assisted with the grant application process. LACO staff prepared, reviewed, and approved construction plans and documents, led design efforts, and conducted construction observation.

This project was funded by Proposition 84 through the California Department of Water Resources. Working on a tight deadline, LACO secured important pre-construction permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permit 13) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (401 Water Quality Certification).

Following permitting, LACO staff completed geo-environmental work and construction documents and plans within the aggressive timeline. The financial outcome resulted in LACO a negligible write-off of $165.50 on a $61,000 contract. The contractor completed the construction of the bank stabilization before the rainy season, a huge win for all parties involved.

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